Maurus 441

X Doaitsen 420  


Apollo fan Bluffview X Ludse 305


Emerson NC

Wander 352

X Feike 395

Emma is the daughter of the late and truly great Wander 352. She passes on his abundance of hair and feathers to her foals, as well as his

"look-at-me!" presence. Emma (2009) is registered with FHANA and FHH.


If you are looking for a classically Baroque foal, then Vivianne is your gal! She is beautifully Baroque!

Vivianne's sire and dam held FHANA papers, however Venus was never DNA tested, preventing Vivianne from being FHANA registered. FHH has confirmed Vivianne is 100% Friesian blood in their DNA test! However, this wrinkle results in Vivianne's foals being priced lower than the foals of the other Twisted T mares. Fortunate buyers!


(10 months pregnant)

Twisted      Farm


Meet the Ladies of Twisted T Farm Friesians

Petra's sire Maurus 441, currently residing in Germany, has made a name for himself in Europe, and was named World Grand Champion of 2009. His bloodline is rarely seen in the USA.  Petra (2013) is registered with FHANA.

​​Olrik 383

X Jurjen 303

Victina's sire's bloodline is uncommon in the USA; most of Olrik's offspring reside in Europe. Olrik's offspring inherit his sport abilities, eagerness to work, and his noble head. Victina (2006) is registered with FHANA.