My return to Illinois was with mixed emotions; my older brother passed away unexpectedly, so to cope with his loss I felt being near family was essential  which has been a very good thing (after 27 years living away). My brother's presence is felt every day; his estate proceeds allowed me to purchase 3 amazing Friesian mares. Twisted T Farm could now add "Friesians" to its name. One of my brother's unfulfilled goals was to start a small winery, so as a tribute to that and his key role in the mere existence of Twisted T Farm Friesians, each foal is named a wine-related name. It is not an over-exaggeration to say my brother made my dream come true. Even though I'd prefer that you were still here with us, I will say "Thank you, big Bro. I love and miss you always."

The Story of Twisted T Farm


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"Power In Grace"

The existence of "Twisted T Farm" began decades ago when I purchased my first piece of property in Mississippi: the house on the land had originally been a roadside tavern. So naturally a liquor-related name was a must: Twisted T Farm was born (the "T" being a vintage cork screw, of course). ​Twisted T Farm moved with me to numerous locations: Dallas then Ft. Worth, rural Pennsylvania, and now (finally) to my home state of Illinois. I purchased my first Friesian filly in 2006, Vivianne, who is still the Boss Mare of the farm!​​​​



Breeding Quality Friesians At Reasonable Prices


Twisted      Farm


Twisted T Farm Friesians is dedicated to producing quality Friesian foals with a range of bloodlines to appeal to all Friesian enthusiasts. Each foal is handled and imprinted as soon as they are born, ensuring they have a high degree of trust and affection for “their humans.”  Whether you are looking for a foal to train for dressage, train to drive, or just as a lifelong trail riding companion, check out our little herd of awesome black pearls.

​Important Dates


FHANA Area Events:

June 11-13

Xanadu Summer Dressage I & II

Xanadu Farms

Washington, MO

June 23

Meadow Lake Classic 2

Lancaster, KY

July 10-11

Kentucky Dressage Association Summer Classic

Kentucky Horse Park

August 6

North America Online Dressage Championships